About Us

Our aspiration is to enable the disadvantaged people in our community to break the cycle of poverty, isolation
and/or poor health and reach their full potential through learning and skills development, direct assistance,
effective services and facilitated community connections.

Springvale Learning and Activities Centre (SLAC) is an Incorporated Association, Registered Charity and
Registered Training Organisation. SLAC is also a Neighbourhood House and Learn Local organisation.

SLAC operates a successful Social Enterprise – CoCO’s Community Creating Opportunities located at 2/48 McCrae Street, Dandenong. 

Check out this film to find out about CoCO’s. 

Our organisation was established in 1945. In 2015, SLAC Team published a book on the history of this very special organisation in Springvale. 

Please, feel free to download a copy ” Building Community Connections. 70 Years OF Doing It Right. 1945 – 2015″.

Our participants are highly diverse group with age varying from 13 to 90+ year old, males and females, cultural
backgrounds include Australian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Sudanese, Jewish, Eritrean, Somalia, Ethiopian,
Russian, Italian, Lebanese, Polish, Croatian, US, Latin American – and this is just to name a few.

There are up to 2,000 people taking part in programs, services or using SLAC facilities in any one week.