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Member involvement is critical to ensure SLAC is run by and for the community. Members are entitled to access SLAC facilities, contribute to SLAC decision making, regular newsletters and notice of meetings and events.

Anyone participating in classes or using SLAC facilities is encouraged to become a member and pay relevant fees.

Additional fees may be charged for the use of some equipment, facilities or services.

Membership is current from the date of payment to June 30 of that financial year, and is renewed annually.

Annual membership fee is $5. SLAC members have the right to vote at Annual General Meetings and any Special General Meetings.   Members can be nominated on the Committee of Governance and any working sub-committees. Please, check  Committee nomination form 2017-2018  for more details.

For more information on the Centre’s purposes and rules, please see SLAC  Constitution. 

To apply for membership, please fill in SLAC Membership Application  and submit to the office with the membership fee.

Full financial members of Springvale Learning and Activities Centre Inc. may on request inspect free of charge the register of members, the minutes of general meetings and subject ot Committee’s approval, other relevant records of the organisation.

The members willing to inspect the records must complete application to inspect records form, sign the declaration and forward the completed form to the Secretary.

The application will be considered by the Committee in the following scheduled meeting and the member will be informed on the Committee’s decision within 10 working days after the meeting.

Full financial and life members of Springvale Learning and Activities Centre Inc. have the right to initiate a grievance procedure according to the rules.

Please, check SLAC Member Grievance Form for more details.