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Springvale Learning and Activities Centre (SLAC)

Part of the Community Since 1945

We’re proud to be the Springvale Learning and Activities Centre (SLAC), an Incorporated Association and Registered Charity, that also operates as a Neighbourhood House and Learn Local organisation.

The Springvale Learning and Activities Centre provided in excess of $5.5 million of value to the community in 2022 alone. This is based on the data provided through the Neighbourhood House Survey 2022.


We’ve been part of the community since 1945, and we’re excited to continue building connections and supporting people from all walks of life. Our participants range in age from 13 to 90+ years old, with cultural backgrounds spanning Australian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Sudanese, Jewish, Eritrean, Somalia, Ethiopian, Russian, Italian, Lebanese, Polish, Croatian, US, Latin American, and more!

SLAC has a fantastic social enterprise in the form of an Opportunity Shop called CoCO’s – Community Creating Opportunities, located in Dandenong. Find out more on CoCO’s webpage in the menu.

With up to 2,000 people using our programs, services, and facilities each week, there’s always something happening at SLAC. Come join us and see what we can achieve together!

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Free eBook

If you’re interested in learning more about our history, feel free to download our book, Building Community Connections: 70 Years of Doing It Right (1945-2015).

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CoCO’s Opportunity Shop needs donations and volunteers to help the local community. Click the button below to find out how you can do your part.

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